prodotti-TT60-cosa-001-big[1]Trendy Trench 60’’ is a garment which, thanks a fabric paired with a membrane, guarantees a total waterproofing and breathability.
The fabric is wind-stopper, soft, light and quiet and Trendy Trench 60’’ can be worn 365 days per year.
Trendy Trench 60” is fully lined, including the legs, with a breathable technical fabric to keep the hair of the dog in good condition.
The fabrics used are also elastic for shaping the garment to the body of our friend and also for those who have a few extra kilos. It is also for our friends more sensitive to cold where under Trendy Trench 60” can be worn a sweater.
The neck’s shape facilitates the fit in a few seconds at any time and place we are.
It’s a garment who also protects the abdomen of our friend, an area exposed to the water and splashes of the city’s dirties roads.


prodotti-TT60-perche-001-big[1]In recent years our families have populated themselves of our four-legged friends.
More and more they are an integral part of our life.
Living in close contact with them, however, means a series of more attention:
–Easy to wear: the lightweight, soft and quiet fabric makes the raincoat easy to wear in our walks in the streets of city, rides in the open air and during the play;
–Cleaned: if our friends are clean also our homes will be perfumed and clean;
–Dry: the constant damp and wet fur involves possible joint pain, and we want for them the best quality of life;
–Perfumed: the total protection from the wet keeps our friend always perfumed.


prodotti-TT60-chi-002-big[1]Trendy Trench 60” is for all our 4-legged friends.
We have designed the waterproof garment with long legs for all those want to keep them totally dry. It’s useful to the heavy rains in the city and in the countryside or for racing on snow.
We have not forgotten our friends who prefer to wear garments with short legs to feel freer. The model with short legs is also for those who do not have long hair or they dry quickly.prodotti-TT60-chi-003-big[1]

The sizes available are four, the extra-small one for dogs with the back long 30 cm, the small one for dogs with the back long 35 cm, the medium one for dogs with the back long 40cm and the large one for dogs with the back long 45 cm long.

The length of the back is measured from the beginning of neck to the beginning of the tail.
Trendy Trench 60’’ has a neck with a length of 10cm, which can be used all along its length or it can be turned over to 5cm for the shorter necks.


The raincoat is very quick and easy to wear thanks to an innovative design of the neck. For those who use the collar there’s a special hole to attach the leash. For those who use the harness we recommend placing it outside.

prodotti-TT60-come-004-big-virato[1]The zip has been positioned in the back so as to protect the dog from splashes and dirt. Under the zip has been inserted a flap that provides protection from water and also acts as saves the dog’s mantle in the moment of closing.

prodotti-TT60-come-003-big[1]In the back have been positioned two functional and technical sliders to improve the fit of the garment according to the different structure of the dogs.

prodotti-TT60-come-004-big-virato[1]The elastic placed in the side allows the best fit for all different structures of our friends.

Trendy Trench 60” is fully lined with a special, comfortable, soft and breathable fabric.



The fabric used is waterproof, breathable and wind-stopper. It’s lightweight, soft and quiet. We have thought to a wind-stopper fabric to do so wear every day of the year. Trendy Trench 60” is the garment for 365 days of the year.

X-Small 30cm the back length (excluding neck)
Small 35cm the back length (excluding neck)
Medium 40cm the back length (excluding neck)
Large 45cm the back length (excluding neck)
The neck is 10cm long, 5cm if it turned over.

Washing instructions

Unless otherwise indicated on the care label, our products have the following instructions for washing:

lav_mano[1]Hand wash with cold water and delicate detergent
candeggio_cloro_noDo not bleach
asciugabiancheria_noDry flat
stir_temp_max_110Iron at low temperature, inserting a cloth between the item and the iron