2SOULS is born from the decennial experience of UNCONVENTIONALDOG always committed to create technical and design products for those who love a life on the move, without giving up their own style.

2SOULS is a bag that, thanks to careful studies that led to the registration of a patent, can be transformed into a backpack in a few simple steps. This is why 2SOULS represents our two souls, the fashion and the sporty ones.

Today, as in the past, the values of quality and Made in Italy are present in our new creation: denim cotton, rubber-coated fabric with an industrial, waterproof and tear-proof flavor, sturdy but at the same time light accessories and designer zip, two comfortable cotton shoulder straps that allow the transformation. The realization of 2SOULS is by expert Italian hands.

Furthermore, practicality is always the focus of our brand: two large fabric pockets, one inside and one outside and two useful internal mesh pockets, both in the bag version and in the backpack version.

2SOULS, a name to emphasize our essence, we put our soul in everything we do. Rather two.


When we move, whether for work or pleasure, we’re used to bringing with us everything we need and more. 2SOULS is a bag that can be transformed into a backpack designed for those who want to live their lives completely without having to give up comfort and the desire to be fashion at all times. Thanks to 2SOULS we can move easily and freely carrying it on our shoulder like a bag or on our back like a backpack. Have you ever thought how many things you can do with your hands free taking your whole world on your shoulders?

2SOULS can be:

– a bag to carry on the shoulder to go to the office, a walk with your friends or to go shopping;

– a bag to carry over the shoulder to go to the gym or a bike ride in full freedom.

– a backpack, thanks to a quick play of shoulder straps, for example to go to the university or wherever we want to go without worries: stitching reinforced with highly technical yarns think of weight for us.

2SOULS, two souls who guide us towards new adventures. Are you ready to go?


After years of dedicating ourselves to making the life of our 4-legged friends better, we also think about ourselves with 2SOULS. We’re the protagonists of our lives and our life can improve thanks to comfort, technicality and practicality.

Studies, research, tests have begun from this need, all ingredients absolutely necessary when looking for the best by putting heart and passion. Thus we arrived at the registration of a patent for an industrial invention thanks to which a unique bag of its kind can now be a bag and a backpack tomorrow.

Normally we all have different types of bags that we need for the most different uses. Our patent allows you to have a bag that can be transformed both in volume and in wearing mode, in just a few minutes. Are you ready to understand how to do it?

To use the bag as a bag, simply hook the snap-hooks of one of the two shoulder straps supplied with the right and left rings.
To obtain the backpack it’s necessary to bring the bag upright, bring the two rings together and hook the snap-hooks of the two shoulder straps to them. The carabiners at the ends of the shoulder straps are instead hooked to the rings placed in the lower part of the bag, respectively to the right and to the left.

Patent pending nr 102019000005332

2SOULS: a unique and authentic story.


Attention to details is our signature: we love beautiful, essential things, the things we love and that become companions in our lives. And one of the indispensable ingredients is the use of fabrics and accessories strictly Made in Italy and of the highest quality.

The denim fabric used is 100% cotton with a vintage flavor: more you wash it, more beautiful it becomes. The rubberized fabric is waterproof and tearproof and has a typical industrial flavor.

The two shoulder straps supplied are made of 100% cotton fabric, so comfortable. The accessories are robust but at the same time light and of design. The zips are in self-lubricating heavy metal for guaranteed safe and immediate smoothness.

2SOULS is also a functional accessory thanks to two large fabric pockets, one inside and one outside and two convenient internal pockets made of bielastic coated mesh, usable both in the bag version and in the backpack version.

2SOULS is handmade by expert Italian artisans.

2SOULS can be washed at 30° with a mild detergent.

2SOULS: proudly Made in Italy.