EVERYDAY is the new UNCONVENTIONALDOG blazer. It ‘s a waterproof and soft vest to live fully with our 4-legged friends all seasons without worrying about the wind, rain or cold.

EVERYDAY has a perfect fit thanks the neck that is wrap-around, soft and elastic.
The belly and abdominal area are fully protected thanks to full coverage that is adjustable on the back for a patented zip, that’s very fast, functional and great design.
The stretch fabric is coupled to a membrane of the latest generation that keeping the vest completely waterproof, breathable and so cool even in the hottest periods.
All seams are made with high-strength stretch yarns that give to the vest the maximum duration under all conditions of use.
The inside lining is a warp-knit network, hypoallergenic and antibacterial for maximum comfort for all types of nap.
The colors are fashionable, designed to dress each of our 4-legged friends even those who feels very trendy



Thanks to the vest EVERYDAY we can go out together with our 4-legged friends during all weathers condition and in all seasons. It has a special membrane and a waterproof treatment.
EVERYDAY keeps completely dry the nap, protects from wind and cold the most delicate parts of the body like stomach and abdomen.
It ‘an ideal vest for all those who do activities in the open. It protects the body from possible wounds and maintains a constant body temperature in both summer and winter season.


productsEVERYDAY is born with the desire to dress all of our friends of any breed and size, both with long or short hair.
The sizes available are 7 and we put below a table with all the necessary measures to find the best fit for your pet friend.


Wear EVERYDAY is very simple; thanks to a neck elasticized and very soft your pet friend can conveniently put its head and the cape will be positioned on its back.
We position the abdominal patina on its belly and then we adjust the fit thanks to a special technique patented zip.



EVERYDAY is made of a technical fabric composed of a jersey of high technical quality coupled to a membrane of last generation. This membrane is composed of three layers to ensure impermeability, breathability and thermoregulation


Se non indicate diverse istruzioni di lavaggio sulle etichette dei capi, i nostri prodotti seguono queste indicazioni di lavaggio:

Indicazioni di lavaggio

lav_mano[1] Lavaggio a mano con acqua fredda e detersivo delicato
candeggio_cloro_no Non candeggiare
asciugabiancheria_no Asciugatura piana
stir_temp_max_110 Stiratura a basse temperature inserendo un panno tra l’indumento e la piastra