What is PLUTO used for?
PLUTO is an earmuff that can be worn by all dogs with long ears and helps them to keep their ears always clean, dry, scented and protects from the spikes in warm period.


Can you swim in the sea wearing PLUTO?

PLUTO was not designed to swim but to protect the ears from dirt, spikes, wind, moisutre and rain.


Does PLUTO annoy the dog?

PLUTO does not bother him because it’s made of a very lightweight and comfortable elastic fabric. The elastics used are soft and PLUTO is also fully lined with a hypoallergenic and breathable lining.


Does PLUTO really protect from the spikes?

Thanks to its shape PLUTO completely covers the auricle. The lightweight fabric is highly resistant and lined with a lining that does not allow the passage of spikes.


Why do you put the “headphones” to the dog?

PLUTO has been designed to protect the ears of long-eared dogs that mainly suffer from infections and otitis. Even the spikes are very dangerous for this kind of dogs.


Does the dog hear wearing PLUTO?

Remember the dog’s hearing is four times stronger than the human one and perceives the sound waves up to 40,000 Hertz, while the ear of a human being is not approaching even at 20,000 Hertz . The question is answered by asking you: do you hear wearing a hat?


Technical information about PLUTO.

The sizes of PLUTO are:

SMALL: For dogs with a weight less than 12kg

LARGE: For dogs with a weight over 12kg

Please consider however that PLUTO wears medium-sized dogs. It doesn’t wear dogs below 8kg and over 15-18 kg (except for big-sized dogs but having a small head like the Greyhound).


Is it heavy to carry?

PISOLO has a lightweight and thermo-regulating new generation padding. Soft and light as the goose feather.


Can you also use PISOLO outside?

PISOLO is a dog bed both for inside and outside. The material that rests on the ground is a waterproof and insulating fabric with high resistance that does not pass water, moisture and cold. The special padding is themo-regulating so that it can be used both in summer and in winter. It washes easily and does not stain.


Does the dog’s head easily pass through the neck of the suit?

TRENDY TRENCH 60” ‘s neck is made of a bi-elastic fabric that allows an opening even for larger heads.


Can I put the harness under the raincoat?

TRENDY TRENCH 60” is designed to wear under the harness or the collar. On the back and under the chin there are specially inserted zips that allow the collar or the harness to pass.


Can the fur get caughton the zip?

We also thought about this. The zip has a save-fur flap for a quick and hassle-free closing.


Does the dog move when he wears the suit?

Yes, he does. Thanks to a bielastic, soft and light material, TRENDY TRENCH 60” is so silent that it will seem to wear nothing.


Does the garment make noise?

Absolutely not. It’s soft and silent.


Is it a raincoat even for big dogs?

TRENDY TRENCH 60” is available in 4 sizes and wears dogs from 6kg up to 18kg both long hair and short hair, both dogs with long legs and short legs.



Can you also use it on small dogs?

FREE3.4 is a leash for all breeds and sizes. It is durable but also soft and light to grip. The snap-hook is made of anodized aluminium, very light and easy to use.


Is the leash too much long?

FREE3.4 is a leash made of a high-strenght leather and it has a total lenght of 340 cm. Thanks to a simple and easy knot it can be adjusted and its lenght can vary from 120 cm up to a maximum of 3 meters.


Is it safe for big dogs?

FREE3.4 has a high-strenght aluminium snap-hook (it resists up to 500kg). The leather is extremely resistant with a thickness that withstands stresses up to 100kg.


What does it mean that you can customize it?

HOBO is sold with a special pen and with it you can write whatever you want and what is written remains indelible.


Does it make noise?

BICOOL the double-face wintercoat is made of a very soft padding and nylon that makes no noise when the dog is moving.


Is it made of goose feather?

BICOOL has a last generation synthetic padding called “the other feather”. This particular material mantains the body temperature of our friends and in addition is perspired and thermoregulating.


Does the cape keep warm?

EVERYDAY is a raincoat made of 2 paired fabrics and a membrane that guarantees a total waterproof forever. In addition, the fabrics thermoregulate theri temperature and therefore EVERYDAY is perfect during the winter season and the summer rains.


Can I put a sweater under the raincoat?

EVERYDAY is a blazer designed for all situations, from summer thundershower to colder temperatures. The stretch material with which it is designed allows to wear it under other garments.



Is it a winter sweater?

GINGERBREAD is a technical sweater with a particular fabric that keeps the body temperature always constant at any time of the year.


Is it comfortable?

GINGERBREAD is made of a lightweight and bielastic fabric that guarantees the best mobility and comfort for any physical activity.


Can the garments be washed in the washing machine? Usign bleach? At high temperature?

All our garments are technical products made of highest quality materials so their durability depends also on how they are washed and treated. For each of our products are listed specifically the washing and frying instructions on our website.