100% natural italian leather. The vegetable treatment without chemical dyes and chromium ensures its softness and strength. The thickness of leather, high almast one cm., gives to FREE3.4  sturdiness tear like no other. It has been enriched by laser processing that enhances the quality of leather. The snap hook used is made of anodized aluminum, the lightest in the category with a weight of only 30gr, with a tear-resistant certified to 500kg. The safety ring nut allows a quick coupling and at the same time fail.

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“FREE 3.4 free to be” is not a simple leash but also a fashionable accessory for living freely. UNCONVENTIONALDOG still amazes, adding to its range of products an accessory for moving freely with our four-leg friend without forget that every accessory for our friend should always follow our style. It has to be “fashionable” but at the same time “functional”. It has to be “technical” for those who love living their free time making long walks with him. It must be “colored” for those who like painting their lives and “safe” to live serenely every moment of his life. All this is FREE 3.4.

340cm of natural leather that will take us everywhere! In our walks around town, seaside or in the mountains and whenever we want make him feel free but always under our protection. “FREE 3.4” is a leash that, thanks at its genre, helps you to estrange from daily life and brings you into his world, rolling up it and unrolling it according to his need. “FREE 3.4” enables us to observe more our friend, follow its needs and desires. With “FREE 3.4” your walking with him surely become a ‘jew’s harp’.

Stop with so many leashes for every occasion. “FREE 3.4” is the leash for all occasions. You can use it with one or two hands, roll it or leave it long, weave it or live it every day with your style and your freedom.

We have thought about UNCONVENTIONALKNOT, the unconventional loop to turn your FREE 3.4 on a leash adjustable depending on your needs.

FREE 3.4 is for smaller but also for large, is for those who are unleashed but also for the lazy. It is for the impetuous one but also for cuddly. The password is the same for all: we go out and have fun!

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