GINGERBREAD is not a sweater, is not a sweatshirt, is the wraparound: a technical clothing and, at the same time, soft for the cold days, windy and wet. It is a clothes suitable for the mountain’s temperature inversions and also for humidity of the sea. You must always have it in your suitcase wherever you are.

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GINGERBREAD, the wraparound sweater.

GINGERBREAD is a technical sweater design for our 4-legged friends, protects against: DAMP | WIND | COLD

GINGERBREAD is a techno-fabric bielastic gauzed made with hundreds of micro hollow filaments able to ensure a beat thermal insulation between the skin and the outside.

The soft and smooth tissue in fact as protective bearing able to repair by temperature changes, air blows and damp leaving the hair and the skin completely dry: in this way the body temperature remains constant, minimizing energy use thus improving the performance of our 4-legged friend.

Moreover, the excellent breathability and bacteriostatic treatment to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, cause of bad smells.

Breathability, elasticity and high thermal protection make GINGERBREAD the ideal garment for long remain in contact with the air and the skin without causing irritation or discomfort.

It’s also light and comfortable ensuring balanced grip and freedom of movement, but also resistant to peeling and abrasion.

GINGERBREAD is easy to maintain and ensure prolonged use and withstands frequent washing without signs of aging.


  • MUSCLES ALWAYS WARM: the thermal insulation of the fabric maintains the dog body temperature constant while minimizing energy use;
  • FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: two-way stretch sweater with calibrated grip;
  • IT DOES NOT IRRITATE THE SKIN: the fabric is breathable and lets the hair and the skin dry;
  • ENVELOPING, SOFT AND RESISTANT:  light and comfortable but also resistant to peeling and abrasion;
  • BELLY COVERED: one of the most sensitive parts of the body always dry and warm;
  • THE WRAPAROUND NECK: the wraparound neck can be adjusted according to needs of the situation you are;
  • NO BAD SMELL: the protection from humidity prevents the prolifaration of bacteria, cause of bad smells.

The GINGERBREAD fabric is composed of the hollow-fiber, a special spinning that allows:

  • lightweight sweater
  • protection from humidity
  • insulation properties even if the fabric is wet
  • quick drying

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