BICOOL is a breathable, hypoallergenic, especially reversible winter coat. There are two articles in one for those who wish to change colour every day.

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magine a typical winter day: cold, wind, humidity. Surely you need a winter coat: BICOOL.

BICOOL is a breathable, hypoallergenic, waterproof and especially reversible winter coat. They’re two articles in one for those who wish to change colour every day.

BICOOL is fashion and technical as all the other UNCONVENTIONALDOG products.

It is also soft as a feather but it’s not made of goose down.

Always more frequently our four-legged friends live with us in warm and comfortable spaces and for this reason, especially in the winter time, it’s a good thing try to moderate temperature fluctuations within our houses and the external environment. Some people think that dress up our four-legged friends is a pure vanity act, instead it’s a real need to protect their health. We can’t keep our friends in a warm space (about 20 degrees) and take them out and take it out on a walk with an outside temperature of 5 degrees and sometimes even lower.

BICOOL is a coat designed for the coldest season, able to protect our pet with technology and style. In fact BICOOL is:

– Breathable: the padding and the fabric are both breathable.

– Anallergic: the padding is patented by an Italian company

– Reversible: available in six fashion colour-matching

BICOOL  is for all our four-legged friends who weigh from 4 to 15/18 kilos.

It’s available in four sizes: x-small for dogs with a 30 cm back long; small for dogs with a 35 cm back long; medium for 40 cm back long; large for 45 cm back long.

The length of the back is measured from the beginning of the neck to the beginning of the tail.

BICOOL has a neck with a length of 5 cm.

BICOOL has a double button arrangement to easily fit the garment to the physicality of your dog. So it is for all our friends, more or less slim.

The snap buttons, all Made in Italy as all our materials and accessories used, are patented for better closing and durability.

The loop in the back is useful for those dogs who wear the collar.

We also thought about two elastic bands placed at the end of the coat to hold BICOOL when our pets run or play with their friends. These elastics help to keep warm our dogs, as well as an excellent fit.

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