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    The earmuff

    PLUTO is an earmuff for all long-eared dogs.

    The earmuff protects the ears from wet, wind, humidity, ears of corn and city dirt. Useful for when your pet eats. Prevents annoying ear infections.

    Outside: the fabric used in the waterproof earmuff model and on the tips of the summer model one is light, technical, bi-elastic fabric with high resistance. Perfect balance between light weight and elasticity. A highly technical and performing fabric used in the world of sportswear and outdoor. Being a two-way stretch fabric it facilitates wearing. Thanks to its softness the dog forgets to wear it. Great for summer showers because it is light and breathable fabric. Perfect during humid days because it protects against molds. Perfect in mid-seasons and in winter because it is a barrier to wind and humidity. Ideal for summer because it dries quickly to keep the ears fresh and dry. Instead for the summer model we use the highest quality 100% cotton or 100% linen.  Fresh fabrics for sultry days where, however, you must always protect your dog from ears of corn.

    The membrane: in the waterproof model and on the tips of the summer model, to the outer fabric is coupled a membrane of the latest generation that guarantees complete waterproofing from water and excellent breathability, so as to eliminate excess moisture inside the ears, often the cause of fungus and malassazia.

    Inside: the waterproof earmuff is lined with a an innovative bi-elastic micro-mesh made of polyamide. This very soft mesh fabric is used in the world of sportswear or outdoor for the creation of ergonomic and aerodynamic garments ideal for practicing all sports activities. It was chosen for the PLUTO the earmuff because it does not stress the hair or create knots. This mesh also has an antibacterial function to prevent the proliferation of any skin molds. It keeps always dry hair avoiding unpleasant irritation. Moreover, this mesh countreacts proliferation of bad smells and bacteria. In the earmuff summer model, the fabbric used is 100% cotton or 100% linen. Fresh and soft fabrics during hot and sultry summers.

    Elastic band: an elastic band is under the chin, very soft and comfortable for the best wearability of the product.

    Use: protects from ears of corn and grasses. It is a barrier to wet, wind and humidity. It protects from the dirt of the city during walks and very useful for when they eat  to keep their ears clean.

    PLUTO the earmuff is a patent: nr. PD2012U000030. The object of the patent is its ergonomic shape. It is an ears protector that follows the right shape and length of the ears without causing any discomfort. Your pet will wear it and won’t notice they have it. Very easy to put on thanks to an elastic band inserted under the chin

    The seams: cape are made with high resistance elasticated yarns to guarantee a long lasting.

    Misures: choose the right size for your pet in

    Washing instructions: Hand wash with cold water and mild detergent. Do not bleach. It does not require ironing but if you want ironing at low temperatures by inserting a cloth between the garment and the plate.

    Origin: PLUTO, the earmuff is entirely MADE IN ITALY, from the fabrics, the manufacturing to the packaging.