Pluto is an earmuff designed to prevent all types of infections, in particular painful ear infections, owing to contact between the ear and the ground where it can come into contact with any amount of dirt or the thistles, thorns and prickly plants which fill our countryside.

The right form: We have tried to shape a product which respects the correct form of the ear so that your four-legged friend does not perceive anything annoying while wearing it;

Easy to wear: the product has been designed to be very easy to use, in that it is simple to put it on or take it off at any moment;
Soft and confortable: made with the softest, highest-quality materials. The lower and inside parts in contact with the ear are made of a light and breathable material;

Fashionable: although the product is designed to protect your friend’s health, it is nonetheless fashionable, available in different colours and materials

It ‘s a product exclusively made in Italy

Waterprof: the waterproof material used for the product is characterised by a light and elastic ‘breathable’ membrane, totally resistant to water and low temperatures. The use of this waterproof material for the tips of the earmuffs is necessary to not let through water when it rains or any form of liquid dirt while our friends sniff around the street.
Adaptable: to the form of the head with a special strap

Pratical: while your pets eat there is no need to resort to bothersome techniques to avoid them getting their ears dirty


These earmuffs have been designed

  • To prevent any infection: our long-eared friends can be affected by particular problems depending on whether they live in the city or the country. One common problem is found on walks when the dog’s ears, rubbing along the ground, get dirty and pick up substances which can cause infections, particularly painful ear problems. Another risk factor is the thorns which can easily get into the ear. These infections are not just responsible for making our friends suffer, but can also incur significant veterinary bills.
  • To protect the ears from water, cause of mould and bad smells;
  • To protect the ears from cold and from the snow: the waterproof material used also keeps out the cold, resistant down to very low temperatures;
  • To stop ears getting in the food bowl when your furry friend eats his dinner.

cocker-spaniel cavalier-king Bassethound bassotto barboncino
Cocker spaniel Cavalier King Bloodhound Dachshund Toy Poodle
barbone beagle levriero-afgano cocker-americano altri
Barbone Beagle Afghan Hound American Cocker and all our friends with long ears

1: You mut close the strap before your pet wears it;

2: To seat your pet in front of you with his face towards you. To wear pluto as a headband with the brand UNCONVENTIONALDOG on his left ear (as in the picture);

3: Always with your pet seat in front of you put his erars inside.


The patent

The earmuff is patent: nr. PD2012U000030


Medium Cocker spaniel (< 11 kg/26 lbs), American cocker, cavalier king, medium-sized poodle, beagle Large Cocker spaniel ( > 11 kg/26 lbs), large poodle, Afghan hound

Technical details

Washing instructions

Unless otherwise indicated on the care label, our products have the following instructions for washing:

lav_mano[1]Hand wash with cold water and delicate detergent
candeggio_cloro_noDo not bleach
asciugabiancheria_noDry flat
stir_temp_max_110Iron at low temperature, inserting a cloth between the item and the iron