The UNCONVENTIONALDOG® company offers PLUTO, the eamuff, for all our long-eared doggies. PISOLO, the travel dogbed for all dogs, from the smallest to the bigger. TRENDY TRENCH 60’’, a waterproof, breathable, soft, light and silent garment. FREE3.4, soft natural leather leash with an innovative technical carabiner. HOBO, a unique collar thanks to its anodized brass accessories and the pen supplied with indelible ink that allows to write the name of your puppy. BICOOL, a breathable, hypoallergenic and above all dounle face winter jacket. EVERYDAY, a waterproof jacket for all seasons, which also protects the neck and the abdominal area without renouncing to fashion details like the design zip that calibrates the fit. GINGERBREAD is a unique technical sweater with calibrated adherence. It is warm, windproof and breathable. The new arrival at UNCONVENTIONALDOG headquarter is 2SOULS, a special bag that thanks to a patent can be transformed into a backpack in a few simple steps. With 2SOULS we also think of us humans, but without forgetting our 4-legged friends: our goal is always to have all our and their essentials with us. Our philosophy remains to live them completely, anywhere and at any time.

UNCONVENTIONALDOG® was born with the idea of offering innovative and technical products which help you to share every walk, trip and holiday with your four-legged friend, everywhere and anytime. More and more our four-legged friends are becoming important members of our family. We want to live them fully and to share with them our life and our free time. They are increasingly precious for us and for this reason we pay more attention to their health.
According to our goals, the products we are selling are designed to enjoy every our moment together with them outside the home, share with them our wishes without forgetting their needs and their origins.
The key ingredients for a UNCONVENTIONALDOG® ‘s product are: health, quality of life and ease of movement
Health: products designed to safeguard our four-legged friends’ health as much as possible
Quality of life: our aim is to offer products which allow our friends to live better and easier our free time together everywhere
Ease of movement: our products wish to let all our movements with him easier and more enjoyable
The UNCONVENTIONALDOG®‘s products are designed as a preventive accessories, simple, practical and comfortable, made with a craftsman’s care to satisfy the market’s demand more and more careful to our furry friends’ needs.
The materials used are of the higest quality. The production is totally made in Italy flag-ita.
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